Through arts, culture and social justice experiences, UrbanEx facilitates intentional and effective changes in communities by engaging people to examine their perspectives by walking a mile in other people’s shoes so that they can live more authentically in their communities.

UrbanEx believes you can...
"Change the World by Changing You.”

UrbanEx wants to equip you to change your community through educational experiences…

Urban Excursions:

An arts, culture & social justice experience

Through learning about, understanding, and journeying in the lives of others, Excursion participants are also empowered to discover their strengths and passions so that they can be more holistically active participants in their communities/world. These are intense week-long experiences where participants are creatively inspired by the character and talents of people who have experienced: homelessness, abuse, the sex trade, addictions, physical/mental challenges, being refugees, racial & sexual discrimination.

Speaking and Mobilizing:

Seminars, presentations, training exercises

Uniquely engaging with students in youth groups, public/private classrooms, and universities, while engaging with adults in corporate sessions, faith-based gatherings, etc. facilitating intense discussions, sharing knowledge, ideas, and experience.

Relational Advocacy:

Networking agencies, corporations, communities, & individuals

Fostering a more efficient and effective community network, one in which no one falls through the cracks and the invisible are not only seen but embraced.

UrbanEx effects change in your community by

  • Reducing prejudice, fear, and discrimination;
  • Increasing volunteerism, creating a more effective social network through personal advocacy
  • Enabling youth/adults to embrace adversity/diversity;
  • Restoring a sense of community in classrooms between teachers and students;
  • Fostering healthier work places, better work ethics, and team unity, resulting in more productivity and fewer sick-days;
  • Facilitating individual well-being, equipping individuals to process life experiences and assisting individuals to discover/employ their personal gifts/passions;
  • Combating community deterioration and inaction;
  • Defending and promoting human/civil rights.